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5 Hyrule Warriors Tips for Beginners

5 Hyrule Warriors Tips for Beginners
Written by The String Player Gamer

Before you embark on another Hyrulian adventure with Hyrule Warriors, here are some single player tips that can help you as you begin. Hyrule Warriors is a fun, hack and slash action game and I’m here to help you maximize the fun from the get go.


1. Target Keep Bosses and Mini Bosses right away
When capturing enemy keeps, it’s easy to get lost with so many monsters attacking you, kill enough grunts and a Keep Boss will appear. Defeat him and the keep is immediately yours. Enemy attack groups also have Mini Bosses leading them, kill it immediately to ease the burden of your allied forces.

2. Auto lock is your friend
It can get visually overwhelming when you slash your way through hordes of monsters and also need to deal precise attacks on a single boss enemy. Luckily, Team Koei devised a handy system that only lets you auto lock-on to unique monsters, Mini Bosses and Bosses. As soon as you see that yellow target arrow above a boss monster, you can lock on to it even from afar.


3. Collect every material
When you’re so occupied invading keeps and killing enemies, you sometimes neglect looting. Don’t. Materials appear in the battlefield in pouches of various shapes and colors. Collect them all as much as possible as they are vital to your character’s growth and skill development.

4. Train everyone
As your team of playable characters grow, it can be easy to pick on favorites and get attached with one or two characters for your entire play through. While this practice can be OK in Legend and Free mode, you will encounter some challenges in Adventure mode as some missions only allow you to use a specific warrior. Bottom line, don’t neglect everyone’s character development.


5. Look out for your allies’ health bars
There will be many missions where you will be fighting alongside AI controlled main characters. Sometimes losing a single ally character will cause the mission to fail. So when an ally calls for help, and his or her HP is critical, run and help. It will make or break your missions.

Did you find my tips useful? If you have other tips you want to share, please feel free at the comments section.