Guest Post: Moral Fiber


When I upgraded my PC about 2 years ago I installed the beta version of Windows 8.1 since it was available for public download that time. It was a mess of course, not to say that it was the worst Operating System (I’m still using 8.1 on my rig right now!) but it was beta; I already expected that everything will not working for anything.

I had hours of fun tinkering with the new until I got to the gaming part of things. I tried playing the new installment of Need for Speed for starters and it just refused to run properly due to driver issues. It did work well enough under the lowest settings though for some reason; and I was playing the game in that manner when a friend happened to drop by to check out my new hardware.

“Why are you playing a game on low settings on a new rig?”

My mind braced itself as I prepared to dive in armed with a prudent explanation on why there is such a thing as drivers in a computer but yeah, I let him go because I knew what he meant. On the age of Ultra-HD monitors I’d ask the same thing; any games played on a PC lower than the highest settings is considered an embarrassment to a man and his machine especially if it’s involving a newly upgraded unit. Every blood, sweat and pore of your main character should be shown in all its glory when you fire up a game or else what’s the point of all the new hardware?

But is that really what matters?

Imagine this; I’m sitting on a chair… staring at my monitor… watching highly defined shards of glass flying across the screen… with me marveling on the amount of effort done just to make it look as realistic as possible… while also lamenting on the fact that I scrapped the new car that I acquired just a few moments ago… full front end damage all over… because I was not able to avoid a burly obstacle during a heated race because I’m running everything on Ultra-High settings and my smoking hot computer is rendering everything at an astonishing 20 FRAMES PER SECOND… tops.


There are a lot of games, a lot of different genres, and numerous different gaming platforms out there for me to even state my argument properly so yeah, hold your horses. I highly doubt that most of you out there are still using phones with physical keypads (I mean seriously?) right now because that’s just it; you just can’t escape technological advancement; at the end of the day you’re just going to move on to whatever’s new because the one you’re playing right now will eventually be a relic of the past just like your old indestructible Nokia. But no matter what cartridge, CD, UMD or Torrent file we move on to, the fact remains that we still pick up a game and stick with it because we enjoy it, not because it’s the new thing. I know someone who installed Crysis 3 just for the sake of seeing his system run it on the highest settings. I was puzzled because he hates First Person Shooters; all that effort and he didn’t even go past the first stage on the easiest difficulty when there I was finishing the whole series barely running the infamous PC game in Medium using my pre-upgraded unit.

Maybe it’s because of my age that I consider the fun factor on games first before anything else. Or maybe I’m just being modest because even with all that cash I threw in on assembling a new rig it just won’t run the game on all its eye-shattering glory. Or I can just blame Windows (well on this case yeah coz that is certainly the case on this one)… or blame the President even. But that wasn’t the case really as racing games are all about speed and excitement. I’m not looking for some finely rendered foliage here; I’m more into executing that perfect apex or hitting that precision drift to shave that extra second off my lap time. Just as I’ve been doing ever since I played my first Gran Turismo.

I guess that’s the reason why simpler games like the Flappy Bird still have their appeal after all these years. At the end of the day it will all boil down to the very reason why you still sit in that couch continuing to mash controllers, Anti-Aliasing or not.