SPG CD Giveaway Contest Winners

I recently celebrated reaching 20,000 subscribers in my Youtube channel by hosting a CD giveaway Photo submission contest to my fans. The rules are simple, take a photo of any String Player Gamer video, on your gadget or a PC/Mac. But you must be creative, video game paraphernalia, costumes and what have yous, are encouraged. You may include yourself in the photo but only if you want to. I’m so glad to have such creative subscribers with really wonderful submissions. But there can be only 3 winners, and 2 runner-ups!

All winners are decided solely by myself, there is no secret committee. Just me. I chose the winners based on creativity of the photo composition,  if it pleases my eyes and makes me happy when I see it, or just blows my mind, and most importantly, if the entry followed the rules.

The winners of the SPG 2014 CD giveaway contest are below. But first, here are all the submissions in no particular order, with my reactions!

Aerotactics Entry
Youtube Name: Aerotactics
Caption: Why I subscribed. (No, not because of that jar of milk.)
SPG’s Reaction: Breaking Bad and milk? Ironic combination!

Youtube Name: Jesus Marrero
Caption: Hyeeh kyaah hyaaah hyet haa!!… *cough* Ehem, I mean: Welcome to Super Legend of Pokémon Country world with Pac-Man X the Hedgehog!!… xD
SPG’s Reaction: Cool retro collection! You must be an 80s baby like myself.

Email entry by Jose Nava
Caption: “Although not very active in the comment section of your livestream, I was with you the whole time!”
SPG’s Reaction: Awesome jamming dude, and that hat!

Youtube name: David Varchecho
The Ultimate Nintendo Medley is the BEST!!!! (im in the wiiu xD)
SPG’s Reaction: Watching on the Wii U? Cool!

Youtube Name: ginomegelati
Caption: I Love SPG Videos!
SPG’s Reaction: Cute plushies and calendar!

Youtube Name: Mike Cunningham
Caption: hadoooOOOOUKEN (I really wanna win that CD)
SPG’s Reaction: That’s also the face I’ll make I if get hit by a hadouken!

Youtuber : Blake Groves
Every time I see an update on my subscriptions, I always get my hopes up yours is there and a thousand melodies flow through my mind.
SPG’s Reaction: Cool collection dude, if a bit chaotic!

YOUTUBE NAME: Nintendo Gaming
Caption: “Keep Rockin it”
SPG’s Reaction: Woof!


My youtube name is Dionn runk
I started loving your music after heard some zelda music mostly wind water heard. Line backs theme an I was in aww. Loved the mario kart 64 rain bow roads it I think beat the wii remix nintendo did. But the pokemon xy battle theme you did was to. There’s so many zelda I had my headphones up load to feel like at a concert . If I said as comparison you and lisey sterling would do a great master piece. So keep up your music
SPG’s Reaction:
No SPG video? I’m sad. :(


YouTube name: Samuel Doye
Caption: look no further for the best game covers on YouTube. He is the best video game musician I have ever seen.
SPG’s Reaction: Vintage mouse woot! Nice retro gadgets!


Youtube name: PhlpSZ
Caption: Très bon travail ! Continuez ainsi !
translation: Very good work! Continue this !
SPG’s Reaction: We have the same 3DS XL, and wow, that panda is enjoying the music!


Email entry from Sean Weaver:
Here’s a picture of me watching Dancing Mad in gear just to show my support! Also I saw that KH is coming to SPG this will be fun, and as for which song, do whichever one speaks to you! no matter what, it will be great!
SPG’s Reaction: Awesome hat!

Wins a CD

This is Heemingamin’
SPG’s Reaction: Love the enthusiastic expression! Whenever I look at this photo, I feel like smiling and jumping for joy! And awesome game shelf dude! Congratulations!

YouTube name: Mubassar Chaudhry
Caption: Link (Me) and Peach (My sister) are checking out the secret song secretly hidden at the end of the Ultimate Nintendo Medley, A medley that actually feels like a true Nintendo ending theme (Like for Smash).
SPG’s Reaction: I love the creative photo composition in this one. And the color coordination also stands out. Congratulations!

Wins a CD and SPG T-shirt

YouTube name: Kristen Wargo
Caption: watching The Ultimate Zelda Medley with Peach for the bajillionth time!
SPG’s Reaction: Princess Peach dog costume!? Legend of Zelda wallpaper map? Link costume!? I appreciate the effort and preparation, and the photo composition is simple but grand! And you still managed to put emphasis on the SPG video on the tablet. Congratulations!

Youtube Name: Sherry Flo
Caption: “I’m leveling up with the String Player Gamer!”
SPG’s Reaction: Big plushies on the floor, medium sized plushies on the shelf, and small figurines by the TV playing SPG’s video, and bonus points for getting your son to participate! The color coordination, the orderly arrangement and perspective shot angle made this for me. Congratulations!

Youtube name: Tom Van den Houwe
“I am a big fan of your work !
I especially like your zelda and smash bros. medley”
SPG’s Reaction: Oh cool he’s playing keyboards. But where is the SPG vide- OMG! Mindblown! Really creative use of the projector dude! It’s one of those photos where you need a second look to really see… the bigger picture. Pun intended. Congratulations!

Congratulations to all the winners! Also, to claim your prizes, please email me a complete shipping address at [email protected] I will also personally contact you for details. Thank you everyone who participated! You are all awesome!

  1. Samuel Doye

    3 years ago

    I’m glad you like the mouse. It was an electronics project I chose to work on. The case is from an old Logitech serial mouse that was in a box of free stuff at a local computer museum, but I have replaced the inside with a modern optical mouse and wired everything up so I can use it as a regular, awesome looking USB mouse. It retains most of the functionality of a modern mouse, apart from the scroll wheel, but who cares about that when it looks this cool? If you have any interest in electronics they are great fun to make.