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This 8 Minute Ragnarok Online Medley will Unearth all your Nostalgia

I was introduced to the world of massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming through Ragnarok Online. It was the first localized MMO in my country, the Philippines, back in 2003 and it was a huge hit. An entire generation, myself included, ate it up and with it, new bonds and friendships were formed across the entire nation.

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Recently though, the game has hit hard times and local publisher Level Up! announced that it is shutting down permanently by the end of March 2015. As one of the pioneering players of the game, this game and its community is very dear to me and I won’t let its passing just slide away and do nothing. So I took it upon myself to pay a musical tribute for Ragnarok Online in the form of this 8 minute medley of five of the most memorable songs from the game.

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The music of Ragnarok Online, composed and arranged initially by Korean musicians SoundTEMP is of top notch quality and there are a lot of pieces that will resonate nostalgia with even the most jaded Ragnarok player. Even if the game fades locally, its legacy and memories will live on with the music.

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Ragnarok Online Medley Thumbnail

  1. Salleh

    3 years ago

    great! ganda ^_^

    napangiti ako Sa mga videos lalo na Sa novice hehe

  2. Zenon Hernandez

    3 years ago

    Kuyaaaa Diwaaaaa! TwT Ang gandaaaaaaaa. Super nostalgic! :’3

  3. Fox

    3 years ago

    nice :) ganda master diws :))

  4. amabanal

    3 years ago

    Hindi ako maka relate, wala kasi audio sa bot. =))

  5. Saymynam3

    3 years ago

    saan na lilipat ang mga PH players?

  6. jivensky

    3 years ago

    nice master diwa dae ko tuloy naalala haha!

  7. Coalesence :)

    3 years ago

    prontera.. one of my favorite medley :( i will miss this one.. when i had a date with my girl 😀

  8. Money~

    3 years ago

    Thanks ang sarap sa pakiramdam!

  9. Anatole

    3 years ago

    Ilang araw nalang magsasara na yung server naten. :'(

  10. Ragna-girl

    3 years ago

    The Real Throwback

    Started tearing up listening to Ragnarok OST. It’s not really about the game shutting down. It was year 2005 when I ended my addiction with this online game. And this video reminds me of the good old days when RO was still all the rage. Those days I was being called the “Ragna-girl” of Leon Ginto and Nakpil St. Those days when i will spend the night in one of the computer shops with my pillow. My friends will have to drag me out of the shop to make me stop from playing. On my 17th birthday, i still recall, i spent my birthday playing all day long and the owner of the computer shop gave me a level up prepaid card as a gift. I was already happy with it when suddenly my playmates, one by one was giving me presents, poporing stuff toy, RO shirt, another Level Up prep card. Etc. and that, couldnt contain the happiness at all. Felt so special being the only Girl playing Ragna.

    Oh well, i just miss those days, when my only role was to study, my only goal was to finish my college degree. Life was so simple back then.

    Truly so, this 8 minute Ragnarok Online Medley made me feel nostalgic. One of the best days of online gaming our generation ever had.